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Kandla Grey Porcelain Tiled Patio and Savoy Artificial Turf Installation in Prenton Wirral

Outdoor space transformed with a Porcelain Tiled Patio & Artifical Turf at a property in Prenton

Welcome to our latest showcase at Unique Paving & Landscapes Ltd., where we bring innovation and elegance to outdoor spaces. This blog highlights a recent installation in Prenton, Wirral, featuring luxurious Kandla Grey porcelain tiles for the patio and lush Savoy 40mm artificial turf for the garden area. Dive into the details of this project and discover why our solutions are perfect for your home.

Choosing Kandla Grey Porcelain Tiles

For this project, the homeowner selected a Kandla Grey porcelain tiled patio due to the tiles outstanding properties and visual appeal:

  • Durability: Porcelain tiles are renowned for their strength and long-lasting nature, making them ideal for outdoor conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike natural stone, porcelain tiles resist moisture and stains, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain their stunning appearance.
  • Aesthetic Quality: The subtle grey hues and natural stone effect of Kandla Grey tiles provide a sophisticated backdrop for any outdoor furniture and décor.

The Advantages of Savoy 40mm Artificial Turf

Adjacent to the porcelain patio, we installed Savoy 40mm artificial turf. This choice was driven by its exceptional realism and comfort:

  • Realistic Look and Feel: Savoy 40mm mimics the texture and softness of real grass, creating a natural and inviting garden space.
  • Durability and Safety: Designed to withstand heavy use, this turf remains lush and green year-round with no need for mowing or watering.
  • Allergy-Free Solution: Provides a clean, green space without the allergens associated with natural grass.

Seamless Integration: Porcelain-Tiled Concrete Steps edged with wood and Wooden Handrails

To enhance the transition between the patio and the garden area, we constructed steps from concrete, which were then topped with the same Kandla Grey porcelain tiles for a cohesive look. The steps were edged with wood, adding a natural texture and aesthetic appeal. For safety and accessibility, we installed wooden handrails alongside the steps, ensuring a secure and stylish ascent from the patio to the lush artificial turf.

Appealing Contrast to the porcelain tiled patio and the drain hole cover

For the drain hole cover we used a nice contrasting colour which didn’t spoil the look of the porcelain tiles but enhanced it by using a colour similar to the grouting of the tiles. We think of everything!

Installation Process: Precision and Craftsmanship

  1. Preparation: We began with a thorough site preparation, ensuring a solid base for both the porcelain tiles and the artificial turf.
  2. Patio Installation: Next, the Kandla Grey porcelain tiles were meticulously laid, ensuring each tile was perfectly aligned and level.
  3. Steps Construction: The concrete steps were built and then carefully topped with porcelain tiles, with wooden edges to match the overall design.
  4. Turf Laying: The Savoy 40mm artificial turf was carefully installed, with precise cuts and joins to fit the designated area flawlessly.
  5. Finishing Touches: Wooden handrails were added alongside the steps to ensure easy and safe movement between the levels of the outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction: Exceeding Expectations

The transformation was highly successful, with the homeowner thrilled by the new look and feel of their outdoor space. The combination of the elegant porcelain patio, the realistic artificial turf, and the functional yet beautiful steps provided both aesthetic and functional upgrades that they were delighted with. Their positive feedback stands as a testament to the quality and care we put into every project.

Our Guarantee

At Unique Paving & Landscapes Ltd., we stand behind our work with a full guarantee, ensuring that your new outdoor space not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the craftsmanship of our installations and the quality of the materials we use.

Enhance Your Property with a new Porcelain Tiled Patio and Landscaping

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